(Last Updated December 19th, 2019)
Can I get a refund?

At Splitbill Tech we offer refunds within 30 minutes of transaction after making a Money transfer. If the customer hasn’t received the Deposited Fund the user is entitled to make changes to the transaction within 30 minutes after Money Transfer. Please contact us at support@splitbill.net stating your reason for the cancellation of your transaction and/or a request for a Refund. A full refund will be applied accordingly

Refund Policy

You can cancel a Money Transfer for a full refund within 30 minutes of payment, unless the funds have already been deposited. For transactions scheduled at least three days before the transfer date, we must receive your request for cancellation at least three days before the scheduled date of transfer.

If you request us to stop the payment and cancel the Money Transfer and we are able to confirm that payment has not been made to the recipient, we will refund the funds to you, including service charges placed by us. All refunds shall be available within ten (10) business days of the refund request.

Refund Can Only be Made if One of the Following Criteria Is Met:
  • Cancellation of the transaction and request for a refund is in accordance with our rules described in this Refund Policy;

  • Refund is requested within 30 Minutes of Money Transfer;

  • If the payment was made through the App, payment will be paid to the bank account from which the payment has been made

We are not liable for the failure or the delay of a refund if it happened as a result of the Customer submitting incorrect personal data or an incorrect bank account number.


At Splitbill Tech we are incredibly passionate about what we do, and have unwavering beliefs about the power of intention. However, we are not to be held responsible if your transaction did not get to the beneficiary on time.

Furthermore, we at Splitbill Tech are not responsible for one’s own interpretation of intended uses and outcomes.


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